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Aura & Chakra Readings

What Does Your Energy Say?

The human body is an incredible thing; our body speaks in ways that we cannot hear. Each organ of the body emits an electromagnetic wave, neither audible nor visible to the human senses. However, these waves can be measured, providing valuable insights to help live a happier, healthier, and more productive life. As Reflexology has shown, our bodies are connected in many ways, and your hands and feet serve as a kind of receptor that communicates with organs and systems of the body.

Using the Biopulsar-Reflexograph®, we can listen to the electromagnetic waves that your body emits and provide a reading of your body’s energy. This energy reading reveals both your aura and chakras, allowing a trained professional to analyze your energy and offer valuable insights into many aspects of your life. From strengthening relationships to enhancing your effectiveness at work, knowing your energy readings can help you reduce stress, enjoy a more balanced life, improve health, increase creativity, and experience spiritual growth.

When you receive a reading from Hypnosis Solutions QHHT you will be provided with both an aura and chakra reading. Both readings provide information that will allow you to identify ways that you can improve your life.

The aura reading reveals your body’s energy by displaying colors that represent various qualities and attributes about you. These colors are then analyzed by Roxanne, a professional aura counselor, who will explain the correlation between how you use the colors of your personality in conjunction with your body’s energies. This is also referred to as the mind-body-spirit connection.

What to Expect from Your Energy Readings

You will receive an insider look into just how well or poorly certain parts of your body are functioning with around ten pages worth of information you can keep for reference later on.

For example, if your cerebrum sustains a harmful blow, the organ may register as having a “weak signal” in terms of color and data. Because the cerebrum in the brain controls emotions, hearing, vision, personality and is the center of sensory perception, memory, thoughts, and our ability to judge, it must be as healthy as possible. Suppose your cerebrum sustained a harmful blow; the organ would register as having a “weak signal” in terms of color and data on the report. In addition to identifying an issue, your report will include nutrition tips to help build up what needs rebuilding depending on which part is afflicted, plus exercises that should be done to strengthen any areas still underperforming from before an incident occurred.

Aura Readings

An Aura Reading reveals your body’s energy by displaying colors representing various qualities and attributes about you. These colors are then analyzed by Roxanne, a professional aura counselor, who will explain the correlation between how you use the colors of your personality in conjunction with your body’s energies. This is also referred to as the mind-body-spirit connection. Using a Biopulsar-Reflexograph®, Roxanne will be able to analyze your aura and provide valuable insights to help you live a happier, healthier, and more rewarding life. The Aura Reading allows Roxanne to provide useful feedback that helps you avoid or correct both mental and physical problems.

Colors of The Aura


The color of vitality and physical health, red represents active and dynamic energy that creates movement. Passion and life instincts are strong red traits. Red signifies a person with inner confidence and strong willpower; whereas, dark red is misguided passion and aggression.


Represents artistic creativity and spirituality; it is the color of visionaries who inspire others. Dark violet displays selfishness instead of good intentions. An abundance of violet can also mean that someone tends to avoid confrontations. It could also indicate someone who is searching for magical and mysterious solutions.


Represents inner belief on a very high spiritual level and the ability to transfer knowledge from the subconscious mind. A deep, black indigo color reflects strong fears and insecurities in addition to possible anxiety or depression.


Harmony, balance, and growth are represented by green. It displays compassion, friendship, generosity, sympathy, and love itself. Dark green can reveal the inability to change oneself, including dependence on others and materialism.


The color of universal love, sensitivity, kindness, selflessness, and deep regard for others. It is a cosmic energy that tends to lead people to service work and altruistic thoughts and behaviors.


Reflects inner calmness, trust, loyalty, devotion, leadership qualities, and a sense of duty. Dull or light blue signifies passiveness and humility, while dark blue can show rigidity in one’s life.


A mentally artistic, constructive, and strong emotional sensing energy. Orange combines thought and creativity and is the most friendly and social color. When imbalanced, it can reveal moodiness and irresponsibility, even for one’s own life.


A combination of blue and green, turquoise represents energies for heartfelt vocal expression. On the masculine side, communication is heart to heart, while on the feminine side, it tends to be a desire to explain what is on one’s mind.


Intelligence, mental clarity, and strength are represented by this color. Bright yellow indicates happiness for life and a positive “can-do attitude.” People with a yellow aura are considered very thoughtful. Yet, a brownish-yellow can reveal criticism, selfishness, negativity, and egotism.


Reflects a higher consciousness of someone who has the ability to focus their energy in and around their body. White can mean healing but can also signify stress or an attempt to escape from oneself and life.

Chakras Reading

Chakras correspond to regions of nerves, major organs, and areas of our energetic body that affect emotional and physical well-being. Each of the seven chakras represents the centers of spiritual power in the human body and each is responsible for specific parts and functions of the body. Chakras are described as spinning discs of energy that when flowing in balance allow us to live an optimal life. If your chakra is hyperactive or not active enough, you’re out of balance. The Biopulsar-Reflexograph® Chakra Reading illustrates the collective activity of all the organs and glands that are governed by or connected to each energy center or chakra. Chakra healing facilitates a healthy, balanced flow of energy and is useful in relieving anxiety, headaches, stress, tension, and more.

The Seven Types of Chakras

Crown Chakra

Governs the pineal gland, cerebral cortex, frontal lobes, upper brain, hair, and central nervous system. This chakra is what drives our inspiration, our consciousness, and our spiritual belief system.

Brow Chakra

Regulates the pituitary gland, cerebellum (primitive brain), back brain, eyes, nose, ears, and nervous system. Also known as the ‘Third Eye Chakra’, it strengthens intuition and connects us with our subconscious mind.

Throat Chakra

Connects our holistic thoughts with self-expression and is used in all forms of communication. The Throat Chakra controls the thyroid, parathyroid, hypothalamus, shoulders, neck, throat, jaw, mouth, and vocal cords.

Heart Chakra

As the name implies, this chakra governs the heart, thymus gland, lymphatic system, immune system, lungs, bronchia, secondary circulatory system, arms, and hands. It connects us to unconditional love, compassion, and kindness while balancing our overall energy.

Solar Plexus Chakra

The ego center that connects us to our mental self. The Solar Plexus Chakra controls the stomach, liver, gallbladder, pancreas (blood sugar levels), intestines, sympathetic nervous system, and upper digestive system.

Sacral Chakra

Oversees the gonads including the female uterus and ovaries and male testes, the urinary organs, kidneys, spleen, and lower digestive system. It connects us to our emotional self.

Root Chakra

This is what protects and grounds us while stimulating our life force. The Root Chakra controls the adrenal glands, reproductive systems, vagina, prostate, spinal column, tailbone, teeth, bones, legs, and feet.

Our Energy Reading Technology

We have completed extensive research prior to selecting the Biopulsar-Reflexograph®. During our research process, we found many devices that ranged from complete scams to poorly designed systems that don’t provide accurate readings. We selected the Biopulsar-Reflexograph® because of its accuracy and advanced technology. Unlike many of the other options we researched, this device offers premium quality through and through. From the most sensors of any device, we found to the quality of the materials used and the craftmanship in assembling the machinery.

Watch the video or continue reading to learn more details about the Biopulsar-Reflexograph® that we use to conduct all of our Aura & Chakras Readings.

Unveil Your True Health Status with a BioPulsar® Reflexograph

If you want to know what ails your health, take the next step with Biofeedback technology. With this cutting-edge technique, you can study your aura and understand yourself from the inside out in mere minutes. Receive a remedy sheet that shows you what essential oils, foods, spices, minerals, vitamins, and recommended exercises will help you improve your health (all in less than an hour without any painful procedures). Imagine looking at the mirror one day and seeing your true self. Well, this is precisely what happens when you have a Biopulsar® Reflexograph scan done! You can see all the multi-dimensions of your brain, which illustrates patterns of thoughts or feelings, whether conscious or unconscious. It also displays organ imbalance, revealing physical imbalances such as overactive and underactive organ(s), which allows you to know how to heal them using the proper remedies, be they food supplements or exercises.

How the Biopulsar® Reflexograph Works

The Biopulsar® Reflexograph reads your electromagnetic energy to provide you with a reading on overall body, mind, and spirit health. The electrical impulses in the human brain create an electroencephalogram (EEG) that this machine can read, which will show how strong or weak these signals are depending on whether they’re positive, negative, or neutral. These insights provide us clues into what might not be functioning properly within each area of the body.

Throughout your body, you have endocrine glands, also referred to as your chakra or energy centers which control many important aspects of your body. Here’s a list of the endocrine system glands from head to toe:

  • The pineal gland controls cerebral fluid levels and every other aspect of our minds, including memory function and emotional stability through cerebrospinal fluids – it’s considered one of two endocrines that secrete hormones into our blood.
  • The pituitary gland in your brain area governs the cerebellum (lower brain), eyes, nose, ears, and nervous system.
  • The thyroid gland governs the parathyroid, hypothalamus, throat, neck, jaw, mouth, voice, and shoulders.
  • The thymus glands govern the heart, lungs, bronchia, lymph, secondary circulatory, immune system, arms, and hands.
  • The pancreas is the control station of many vital organs that keep us alive. It regulates everything from our digestive system to our emotions, making it one critical part of your body!
  • The gonads govern the womb or uterus (where a baby grows), kidneys, urinal organs (things that pee comes from), and lower digestive system.
  • The adrenal gland is the master of your body’s most essential systems. It regulates the reproductive, prostate (a male organ), spinal column, tailbone, and teeth bones in this area. The legs are also influenced by it because they’re connected to our feet!

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