Gift Certificates


A Gift Certificate from Hypnosis Solutions QHHT unlocks a world of potential for your loved ones, allowing them to take their life to new heights.*

Gift certificates are redeemable through for the following services:

  • Initial QHHT Session (Past Life Regression)
  • Follow-Up QHHT Session
  • Overcoming Neurosis, Fear, & Trauma
  • Chakra & Aura Reading

*See below for full details, redemption instructions, and exclusions.


A gift certificate from Hypnosis Solutions is far more than just another present - it’s an invitation for a loved one to explore their personal power and embrace the type of awareness that brings enlightenment and authentic joy. Our Gift Certificates unlock a world of potential for your loved ones, allowing them to take their life to new heights with a range of services that can have truly transformative effects. Provide an opportunity for your friend or family member to tap into their higher self and propel their life forward to new heights. Get ready to make your loved ones shine brighter than ever with a gift certificate from Hypnosis Solutions!

REDEMPTION INSTRUCTIONS: Visit to learn about the services offered. Once you’ve selected your service(s), proceed to book the service by selecting your preferred date/time for your session. If you are booking more than one service, do not complete the checkout until you’ve booked all services. Once you’ve booked your service(s) and selected your dates, proceed to the checkout page. When prompted, enter your promotional code to apply the gift certificate value to the total cost of services.

DETAILS & EXCLUSIONS: This certificate does not have an expiration date. You must use the full value of the gift certificate at the time of booking. Any remaining balance will be forfeited and cannot be used for future purchases.


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