Explore Your Past Lives

Explore your past life to find direction, comfort, healing, and clarity.

Achieve Higher Self Access

Access your higher-self, your subconscious mind, to find answers and solutions in your life.

Listen to Your Soul Speak

Learn how to listen to the language of your body to achieve physical healing.

Release Old Fears and Traumas

Learn how hypnosis can help you break free from fear and trauma.

Discover Causes of Pain & Illness

Understanding the source of pain and illness is the beginning to healing.

Based on 146 reviews
Mikey Abts
Mikey Abts
May 5, 2024
Roxanne is a truly magical person, and I'm so thankful she works right here in Excelsior. If you're on the fence about doing this, take the leap and give it a try, it's definitely worth it!
Tyson Taylor
Tyson Taylor
April 27, 2024
Roxanne was the sweetest soul! I felt welcome and comfortable through the whole process. It was a very unique experience for me and I've had a lot of different spiritual experiences. I'm still processing the whole thing but i felt lighter immediately after. Listening back to the recording made me very emotional but it was a good emotional lol. I recommend going to see Roxanne no matter where you are on your path. Thanks again, Roxanne 🙏🏻❤️
Angela Greywitt
Angela Greywitt
April 23, 2024
I felt right at home and well cared for in the very capable hands of Roxanne during the QHHT session I had today. I just experienced an amazing afternoon and the healing went deep and will continue to unfold the guidance of my soul.
Juli T
Juli T
April 22, 2024
Roxanne was very supportive and professional. She truly wants to help you and offers a great experience with her QHHT approach. Her office is beautiful and very well appointed in a vibrant neighborhood with amazing shops near the water. Highly recommend.
Alyssa Klein
Alyssa Klein
April 17, 2024
Roxanne was professional, patient, and kind. I would recommend her services to those seeking an alternative modality of healing versus traditional therapy.
Holly Thompson
Holly Thompson
March 31, 2024
Roxanne was so warm and honest with her approach. I really felt like I had a much more purposeful path forward and had a much better understanding of my true self. If you allow yourself to be open to this type of work you’ll get a lot in return. I’ll be referring others to her!
Aurah Gqunefere Whitethorne
Aurah Gqunefere Whitethorne
March 28, 2024
Roxanne was absolutely incredible to work with. She reached out to me so quickly after I filled out the questionnaire on her website, had fantastic information for me about what the service would be like, and how to prep for it. Her website is also fantastically laid out, and further assisted me in prepping for our session. She said she's a holistic practitioner, and having seen her I can confirm this! No detail was left untouched, and she thought of things that I didn't not only before the hypnosis in our 'intake', but during the hypnosis. I've already listened to the recording from our session a few times and it's incredibly valuable information. I highly highly recommend Roxanne. Not only is she a phenomenal practitioner, but a beautiful intuitive and deeply kind soul. If you're on the fence, she is worth seeing!
Jen Edwards
Jen Edwards
March 26, 2024
Roxanne has a wonderfully genuine, calming and connecting approach. I felt instantly comfortable upon meeting, her energy is compassionate and true light. It was my first QHHT session and it was beautiful, I could physically feel barriers/blockages/beliefs/patterns releasing and the warm healing energy of source. I’m thankful Roxanne was my facilitator to this powerful experience because of her extremely helpful insights. The entire session was incredibly healing, revealing and valuable, it helped me achieve new levels of clarity in my life. I feel more connected to my soul and higher vibrational in my mind and body. I also love the light essence roll ons and herbal tinctures she supplies!
Ryan Bartlett
Ryan Bartlett
March 20, 2024
Roxanne facilitated a beautiful QHHT journey for me yesterday that brought a lot of clarity on my New Earth mission. I was able to reconcile many past life traumas and let them go from my ancestral DNA. I am very grateful for her service to humanity and I highly recommend her as I know she will take great care of you! Blessings to you all
What Why
What Why
March 17, 2024
Amazing experience! Received guidance and healing at a time where I'm at a major cross road as well as insights into lifelong (and longer ?!?!) issues and patterns. Most highly recommend!

Our Hypnosis Services

All clients receive a complimentary audio recording of their session. We highly recommend that you listen to your session in the days, weeks, and even months following your visit. By reflecting on your session you will reinforce the guidance received from your Higher Self and help your Higher Self become a more conscious presence in your life.

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Initial QHHT Session

Length: 3½ to 4 hours | $425 | First Time Clients Only

If you’ve never experienced a QHHT session before, the Initial QHHT Session is for you. Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) is a very safe and natural form of hypnosis that takes people on a journey to connect with the eternal part of themselves that exceeds time and space. People come to sessions to find answers to the questions they have about their lives. The session will begin with a casual conversation with Roxanne where you’ll discuss what you want to accomplish with the session. We’ll review questions that you want to see answers to and any physical ailments you may be experiencing. After the consultation portion of your session, we will begin the hypnosis process. To learn more about what QHHT is, how it works, or what to expect during your session, visit our FAQ section.

Follow-Up QHHT Session

Length: 3½ to 4 hours | $375 | Existing Clients Only

This Follow-Up QHHT Session is for those clients who have already had an Initial QHHT Session with Roxanne but want to go deeper. Many clients have additional questions that arise after a session in which they would like to explore. Some book a follow-up session to continue healing what was not covered or resolved during a prior session. Still, others choose to schedule follow-up sessions as they face challenges in life in which they would like guidance on from their Higher Self.

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Overcoming Neurosis, Fears & Trauma

Length: 3½ to 4 hours | $425 | Open to New & Existing Clients

During this session, we’ll take a step back and discover just what is causing the angst that you are experiencing in your life. This discovery can likely be found in a past life, present life, or unrecognized childhood memory. Almost everyone has experienced being wronged by someone. But, hanging on to those negative feelings can do great harm to your personal health and spirituality. Learn how to forgive so you can break free from past aggressions and find inner peace. If you’re struggling with overcoming neurosis, fears, or trauma this is a session that is designed to help you break free.

Surrogate Healing for Children & Pets

Length: 3 hours | $425 | Open to New & Existing Clients

In a surrogate session, Roxanne does a session for a client whose friend, partner, child, or pet has a need for healing. Whoever is involved in the healing must be willing. The client would have her/his own session, and on the list of questions brought to the session, questions would be asked requesting surrogate healing. This session type is commonly used by family members separated by distance or because the surrogate is simply not able to come in for an in-person session themselves.

a little girl with her pet dog
rocks painted with the words "Soul" and "Body"

Soul Speak Session

Length: up to 1.5 hours | $225 | Open to New & Existing Clients

Every ache, pain, and symptom the body experiences delivers a message of importance to you in its own unique language. The only problem is, we don’t have a translation manual for this language – until now. We are much greater than the sum of our physical parts. We are spiritual beings residing in a physical body. These sessions are solely focused on physical healing, not on guidance from your Higher Self.

*Sessions may be conducted via Zoom or in-person.

Group Hypnosis Sessions

Length: 2 hours | From $75/person | Open to New & Existing Clients

Share a unique experience with friends, family, and colleagues by hosting a group Past Life Regression gathering! This special two-hour event can be at your location or our studio in Excelsior. The session includes introductions, a discussion about hypnosis, questions and answers, a group Past Life Regression, spiritual guidance connecting the past life to present, and afterward, an option sharing of individual experiences.

a group of people in a group hypnosis session

Give the Gift of Enlightenment & Joy

If you’re looking for a life-changing gift that keeps on giving, you’ve come to the right place.
Empower a loved one to tap into their higher self and take their life to new heights!

How to Prepare for Your QHHT Session

The best way to begin preparing for your QHHT session is to have clear and direct communication with the part of you that can provide healing and information. That part of you is referred to as your Higher Self. You can do this by saying to yourself, “I have clear and direct communication with my Higher Self.” Note the tense of this sentence is not “I will have,” it’s “I have.”

You can repeat this intention silently or out loud throughout your day and, most importantly, right before you go to sleep at night. Put a note on your bathroom mirror to remind you to focus upon your intention as you brush your teeth and prepare for bed. You will want to prepare a list of questions and concerns. I ask you to have your questions legibly written on paper or typed and printed to provide them at your appointment. Of course, they can be modified when it is time for your session.

On the day of your session, you will come to your appointment with a list of questions that you want to be answered by your Higher Self. Most people make two lists; one with health/body questions and another with life/personal questions. Upon your arrival at your session, I will explain this bigger part of you that is sometimes called your Higher Self. This is your Higher Consciousness, Subconscious (SC), Universal Mind or Over-Soul, and how I’ll guide you to make a connection with it.

To prepare your list(s) of questions, the general rule is to ask personal questions or keep topics related to your personal life. When listing your questions, please make a note as to which are the most important to you. Here are a few examples:

  • I’m struggling with forgiving someone whose wronged me in the past. Can hypnosis help me forgive and move on?
  • I have had asthma since birth. Why? Can it be healed?
  • I am in a new love relationship. Is this person the right one for me?
  • I really dislike my job and would like to quit and find a new one. Should I?
  • I have a difficult relationship with my sister. Why is this so, and can it be resolved?
  • Many years ago, I had something strange happen to me. (This could be a dream, vision, feeling, or experience.) What could it mean? What exactly happened, and why?
  • I have a lifelong interest in (name any subject). Can we explore this in-depth?
  • Am I on my right spiritual path?
  • Can I meet my spirit guide or guardian angel?
  • Can I improve my intuitive or psychic skills? How?
  • How can I create more peace or balance or abundance in my life?

I have a list of common questions, so don’t worry if you have a shortlist.

Before your session, try to pay attention to your dreams leading up to your appointment. Write them down if you can. They can be messages for you, and they can help with your session. If you do not already meditate, it’s a good time to start. At the very least, give yourself quiet time daily to quiet your mind (just 10 minutes a day can be extremely helpful).

Try not to drink alcoholic or caffeinated beverages before the session or the evening before if possible. If you are a regular morning coffee drinker, please don’t skip your coffee, but keep it to a minimum before your session. Light exercise before your appointment is an excellent way to prepare for a successful session, such as a long walk or some stretches. This is another good time to repeat your intention. We want your body relaxed, but your mind quiet, alert, and engaged.

Try and eat well but light before you come in. Clear your day for the session if possible. We will begin by talking, going over the process, and reviewing your questions. Then as you get more comfortable and relaxed, we begin the hypnotic regression. Afterward, we will go over what was experienced and make sure you are awake and grounded. This entire process can take anywhere from 3-4 hours total and occasionally go a little longer. It is generally not a good idea to have additional appointments or activities that require a great deal of concentration . It would be best if you took it easy after your session to reflect. It is best to have some time to process your experience and give yourself an opportunity to fully return to your regular conscious day-to-day reality before attempting any complex mental tasks or strenuous physical activity.

What to Expect for Your QHHT Session?

When you arrive at your session, we will spend some time getting to know each other and your reasons for wanting this experience. We’ll talk about how easy it is to be guided into this deep state of relaxation to let go and allow yourself to have the experience. We will talk about your life’s journey chronologically and go over your list of questions.

Once we start the hypnosis process, you’ll be under for two hours or a little longer. This part of the session is audio-recorded for you as people remember varying amounts. You may remember some, all, or nothing of your session while you were hypnotized, so a recording is great and actually important to your process after we meet. The more you hear yourself, the more easily the changes can stick. If you have your own recording device, feel free to bring it.

Your session is private. Even though spouses/partners/friends want to be with you to witness this amazing event, it is a place where you need to feel completely safe that your confidentiality in all matters is observed. Because of this, no one is allowed in your session. You may share your recording or any memories or thoughts at your discretion.

Once we are finished with this part, I will gently access your Higher Self to answer your list of questions and scan your body to heal and repair known and sometimes unknown issues. We more commonly know this Higher Self aspect of us as our intuition or gut feeling. And it does speak through us but rarely is acknowledged. We all have those moments of clarity where the perfect words spill through and make perfect sense. Allowing the stream of consciousness called your Higher Self to use the gift of your voice is truly beautiful and amazing. You are gently guided into a very deep state of hypnosis (theta), where you have access to that bigger part of you that knows all the answers. This is a multi-dimensional experience. Once having it, you should have a clear understanding of how to maintain this connection to your Higher Self in your quiet time, meditation, or theta state.

Having a regression is very much like participating in a long, detailed, and involved daydream. You will feel as if you have just returned from an amazing journey, having visited other worlds and lifetimes, and in fact, you will have done just exactly that. While in this deep state of relaxation, you will be guided through 1-3 past lives or other experiences your soul has had. If you don’t believe in past lives or are unsure, we  can simply call it a story. Either way, your Higher Self is lovingly taking you to the place where your questions and issues began. If you know where something began and why, then you can understand, heal and move on in a better way.

When coming out of the regression, I will gently count you up and discuss what occurred and what you remember. We’ll listen to parts of your recording and go over the answers you gave to your questions. By the end of a session, one this is sure, you will not be the same person full of questions that you were at the beginning of the session. It’s common for clients to come out of hypnosis with a look of awe and wonder about knowing the answers to all or some of their questions and healing in their body. Please note that the practitioner is not doing the healing; YOU are healing yourself in this guided experience. The power of this experience is that it is YOU, your Higher Self, telling YOU (the conscious self) what the root causes and issues are and how the healing is occurring. I am only the facilitator and your assistant in this process.

My intention is to assist you in receiving the information you seek to have a happy and focused life. I will do everything in my power to work for your greater good and give you the tools you need to move forward in your life in a happy, insightful, and productive way. I am simply your guide to show you that all answers lie within and are accessible by YOU.

If you have questions about how a session works, please feel free to contact me. If, for any reason, you need to cancel or reschedule, please let me know as soon as possible. You can pay ahead of time or at the time of your appointment with a credit/debit card, check, or cash.

At the end of your session (or shortly after), you will be provided a copy of the recording of your session. Listening to your session in the days, weeks, and even months following is an important part of the experience. Even if your conscious mind remembers the session immediately afterwards, it can, just as some dreams can, begin to fade from your memory, even if you had an “unforgettable” experience. In addition, any healing or life improvement suggestions can and will be reinforced by repeatedly listening to the audio recording. The goal is to have your conscious mind “get on board” and align with your Higher Self and its goals, and accept any changes or healing you intend to occur.

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Whether you have questions, need more information, or you’re ready to bok a session we are happy to help.