Initial QHHT Session


The Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) is an extremely safe and natural form of hypnotherapy that takes people on a journey to connect with their Subconscious Self, also referred to as their Higher Self, the eternal part of themselves that exceeds time and space. If you’ve found yourself wondering about your purpose in life, why you are the way you are, or why certain things have or keep happening to you, then this session is for you.

When you come in for an Initial QHHT Session, you’ll want to prepare for your session by compiling your most profound questions about life. Perhaps you’ve had an odd experience or dream that you can’t understand or maybe you’re wondering what you can do to find the love of your life. Whatever it is, you can find the answers with the help of a Certified QHHT Practitioner who will guide you through this incredible process. The session begins with a casual conversation where you’ll discuss your goals for the session. Next, your hypnotherapist will review the questions you have about life. After the consultation portion of your session, you will then be guided into a state of hypnosis by your hypnotherapist. It’s while you are in a hypnotic state that your QHHT practitioner will connect with your Higher Self to receive answers and guidance to help you. To learn more about what QHHT is, how it works, or what to expect during your session, visit our FAQ section.